Top 10 What to bring on a Day Hike

top10dayhikeSo you’ve decided to try hiking? Hiking felt like hell then at the same time heaven all in one, during my first time. My muscle ached so much that I wasn’t able to get up the next day, but oh boy it was worth it.

Being away from your comfort zone will give you time to gain knowledge that is far way different from what you usually see and experience everyday in a familiar territory. Going out, being one with the nature is something exciting and challenging at the same time. Hiking is something that my co-blogger had pushed me into, but now I’m thankful that he did introduce this hobby to me.

Mt. Daraitan Summit

As a visitor, you need to do your homework and research on the mountain that you’ll be hiking on (not just for first timers actually). Research if there will be a river on your way down or near the place, where you could freshen up. Then you’ll need to bring a swimming attire or just a change of clothes and a towel. Over packing is one thing that you wouldn’t want to do on your first hike. Bringing unnecessary things would make your hike difficult. Why? You wouldn’t want to be carrying heavy things, things that are not needed.

During my first hike in Mt. Daraitan, I had regretted not bringing some stuff with me. So what are the things you need to bring with you on your first hike?

1. Sunscreen
2. Cap
3. Gloves
4. Reliable hiking Sandals/Shoes
5. Slippers
6. Backpack
7. Drinking Water
8. Trail food
9. Shirt (Change of Clothes)
10. Toiletries

Let me explain them to you one by one.


1. Sunscreen – our country is known for it’s hot sunny weather. What else do you think is a good protection for that angry burning sun? It’s a sunscreen! SPF 40, SPF 80 or even SPF 100 is the best to block sun’s harmful rays. Even if you’re entering a think rain forest, you’ll never know when you’re going to encounter direct sunlight. To know more “How to know which SPF value is good for you?” you should read my article about that here at my site.


2. Cap – Well it’s still about the sun’s harmful rays. It would help you block your eyes on direct sunlight. Sometimes a pair of sunglasses would suffice. But I think it’s an essential.


3. Gloves – It’s useful when you’re expecting rope assist on your hike. I would recommend this when you’re in Mt. Batulao, Mt. Pico de loro and others. Just in case you’re not sure if you’ll be encountering a rope assisted hike, this should be on your bag.

Good hiking sandals/shoes

4. Reliable hiking Sandals/Shoes – One thing that you wouldn’t want to happen is to walk by foot. I have seen people who suffered broken sandals/ shoes on their way to the summit. It’s good to know more about the place where you’ll be hiking; by that you can decide what type of sandals/shoes to use on your climb.


5. Slippers – After an exhilarating hike, you’ll need to let your feet rest and breathe. It’s not really limited to slippers or flip flops, it depends on what type of footwear is comfortable to you. You may or may not bring one, specially if you’re wearing hiking sandals already.


6. Backpack– a medium size back pack, maybe around 30 liters or smaller, to hold your things while hiking. Make sure that the things like water and trail food is on the accessible part of the bag.

drinking water

7. Drinking Water– One thing you wouldn’t want to experience on you hike is the feeling of being dehydrated. I will recommend you to bring at least 2-3 liters of water. Not all summits or trails have vendors on the way. If ever there is, it’ll very expensive.

trail food

8. Trail Food– I don’t really eat much, whenever I hike. I don’t like to carry lot of things, except when Ivan is around. So for trail foods, I take fruits with me. Don’t judge! It’s always good to bring food on a day hike, because you’ll never know when will you be hungry in the middle of the trail.

Muddy Trek

9. Change of Clothes– Unless you want to go home smelling bad or looking like a native of that mountain, you should bring change of clothes with you always. Make sure to put those change of clothes inside a large Ziploc bag.


10. Toiletries– Just like what I said earlier. Toiletries is a must have for cleaning and freshening up.

It’s good to be prepared when it comes to this type of hobby. It’s both dangerous and rewarding.

Remember do not over pack! Unless you’ll have a porter with you. For a day hike? That will be funny. Over packing would make you slower and will make you exert more effort going up.

Do you have other things you want to add on the list? Write us a comment below.


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