Mt. Ulap on a budget Day Hike

Mt. Ulap Benguet Baguio broketravelers cheap looks new zealand

One of the famous mountains in Benguet alongside Mt. Pulag and Mt. Ugo, Mt. Ulap is the best option if you’re on a budget and if you’re thinking to try new things. Mt. Ulap is located in Itogon, Benguet, less than an hour from Baguio City. It’s easy to get to and very accessible, that’s why hundreds of people are flocking to this place during weekends. Although the name says Ulap which means clouds, there’s only a season for you to glympse the sea of clouds. Having said that, I assure you that Mt. Ulap is more than just clouds, cold tolerable temperature, pine trees, grasslands and breathtaking views of Mountains are some of the best things to see in this mountain.

Mt. Ulap Benguet Baguio broke travelers cheap

When you’re coming from Manila, it’s pretty difficult to have a day hike if you need to travel 5-6 hrs from Manila to Baguio. Right? Well, that’s true, so you need to free up the day before the day of the actual start of your hiking (if you can) and make sure to have enough sleep. I know this is a minor climb, but you still need to be in good condition. If you’re a first timer, go stretch your muscles either at home or by jogging. A good cardio a week before the hike would be good to condition your body for your hike.

Mt. Ulap day hike Benguet Baguio camp cheap broke traveler affordable

How to get there?

There are bus terminals in Cubao or Pasay going to Baguio which cost around P445 – P800 (Victory Liner’s regular air-conditioned buses fare is P445) and then a Jeepney from Baguio to Brgy. Ampucao is P50 per person. Detailed information together with fare are outlined below.

A few notes, although the trips to Baguio are usually 24/7, it’s still best to secure your transportation especially if you want to follow our itinerary. I highly recommend checking the Bus schedule of trips on their website or you can rent a Van if you’re in a group. What if you’re a solo traveler? It will definitely cost you, so I suggest you to try joining other groups. We have plenty of Facebook groups like Climbers, DIY Travelers, Backpackers of the Philippines and a new group made specifically for solo-travelers, link “Solo Travel Philippines“. These groups will help you lessen the cost of your travel as you can divide the expenses like Van rental and Guide fees among yourselves. There are also organizers that you can contact on the mentioned facebook groups. These are just tips to have your most affordable travel, at the end of the day it will still depend on how you want your hike be.

Mt. Ulap day hike Benguet Baguio camp cheap broke traveler

The assault to Gungal rock formation

Mt. Ulap Benguet Baguio broke travelers cheap Gungal rock

The famous Gungal rock (Photo credit to Genica)

Mt. Ulap is considered as minor climb which means this is a beginner-friendly and definitely recommended for first timers. We have a list of some of the things you need to remember and bring with you, click here. In addition to that, bring jackets, first-aid kit  and always waterproof your valuable things.

Mt. Ulap Benguet Baguio broke travelers cheap day hike group

Group photo during Sunrise (Photo credit to Lara)

Mt. Ulap benguet Baguio city 7 11 store broke travelers cheap

7 11 store at the Summit

Mt. Ulap day hike Benguet Baguio camp cheap broke traveler

Mt. Ulap day hike Benguet Baguio camp cheap broke traveler peak

Third and last peak

Since the Mountain is less than an hour away from Baguio, you have the option to stop by or stay in Baguio before or after the hike. If you’re on a day hike, I suggest that you stop by after your hike. You can also have your lunch there.

Some of the things you need to remember/take note are outlined below:


21:30: Uptown Mall / Shell – Ayala MRT Station
22:00: ETD to Baguio via Cubao terminal
04:00: Take jeepney from Baguio to Brgy. Ampucao
04:30 ETA Brgy. Ampucao. Head to brgy. hall. Register and secure local guide
05:00 Start trek
06:30 ETA Gungol Rock
07:30 ETA Mt. Ulap summit
08:30 Visit Burial Caves
10:00 Arrival at Sta. Fe exit point. Wait for a Jeepney heading to Baguio
Some places to visit in Baguio (if you still have enough energy):
Burnham Park
SM Baguio
Diplomat Hotel
Camp John Hay
Baguio Market
16:00 ETD to Manila
21:00 ETA Manila (Cubao/Pasay)

Baguio Mt. Ulap broketravelers cheap benguet

ESTIMATE Budget and travel time:
Bus to Baguio ———— Victory Liner – P450 (4-6 hours travel time)
Victory Liner, Baguio City Terminal to Central Mall Taxi — — — — P51 (10 minutes)
Jeepney from Baguio City to Brgy. Ampucao — — — — P31 (less than hour)
Registration — — — — — P100/person
Guides are required ———— P400 (dayhike) P800 (overnight) (1 guide can accommodate up to 10 people)
Jeepney Sta. Fe to Baguio City ——— P50 (approximately 40mins travel time)
Bus to Manila ———Victory Liner – P450 (4-6 hours travel time)

FOOD options in Baguio City:
Goodtaste — — — P150 per meal
Sizzling Plate — — — P150 – P300 per meal
Canto Restaurant — — — P150 – P500
Cafe by the Ruins Dua — — — P400

OTHER Information:
Camping Fee —— P500 per group
Porter Fee —— P500 per 20 kilos
Shower/CR—— P20

Mt. Ulap day hike Benguet Baguio camp cheap broke traveler


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  1. Good morning Sir,

    Will plan to hike on this coming saturday 03/10/2018. Do you think there’s still a walk-in registration or do we have to do a online registration for Mt.Ulap? Any link on online registration or tips? hehe thank you!

  2. from baguio city to brgy. ampucao, may pwede bang makuhang taxi around 3am para makapunta ng maaga at makapagstart ng trek ng 4am. as per searching sa mga blogs 6am ang pinakamaagang alis ng jeep from baguio. thanks

  3. Hi. Is it required to reserve your hike first before you can go hiking in Mt Ulap? By any chance, do you have contact numbers of the people we can reserve our slots? And do you know if there are tent rentals in the campsite? Thank you very much!

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