Daraitan Day Hike and Plunging in Tinipak River

Location: Tanay, Rizal
Duration: 4 hours (Up) and 2-3hours (down)

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Wanna get out of the busy streets of the metro? Wanna enjoy nature and at the same time challenge yourself? Want an adventure near Manila? Aside from beach bumming, hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activity that you can do in 1 day. Sometimes one day is not even enough. But for a good weekend getaway, a mountain scenery is not bad. Though I wouldn’t recommend this hike if you’re just finding some relaxation and not challenging yourself. I would recommend Mt. Daraitan with a Tinipak river side trip as a weekend get away for you courageous people. If you would love to try camping too, there are camp sites there where you could happily set your tents either on the mountain or beside the river.

Mt. Daraitan (My first love)

I was lucky that Ivan found this and was able to book us a tour (day hike). Yeeha to my first adventure this year 2016. We availed a tour in Traveling Adventure for an amount of Php 850.00 per person, that includes the round-trip transfers from Manila-Tanay, bag tags, tour guide to Mt. Daraitan and a tour to Tinipak River and if it’s still early you can tour the cave also.

So why did we joined a tour than DIY? See our article about Pros and Cons of Doing a DIY/ Joining a Tour, to have an idea which one is better.

What to bring?
1. 3 liters of Water
2. Trail foods
3. Change of clothes inside a big Ziploc bag
4. Extra Ziploc bag
5. Flash light (If you have time to go inside the cave)

3 liters of water is essential. In the whole run of your hike, you’ll need at least 2 liters and another 1 liter after exploring Tinipak River and eating at the campsite. I only had 1 liter with me when I got there, yeah, Ivan got 1.5 liters and I ending up drinking 300 ml of his.

Trail foods, like what? I brought candies with me, it gives me energy, we bought hard-boiled eggs at the town proper for our lunch. Don’t bring heavy meals! It’s hard to trek when you have a full stomach.

Change of clothes! Oh by the way! Before trekking make sure that you’re wearing something that is ready to get wet and is easy to dry. Weather is really unpredictable there, it’s always better to prepare yourselves to get wet in the the rain. Okay, why do you need to put it inside a big Ziploc bag? Well you don’t wan’t your change of clothes to get wet too right? Then after plunging in Tinipak River you could just put your wet clothes in that ziploc.

Get another Extra Ziploc bag for the things you don’t like to get wet, like foods and gadgets.

Flash light is a must since there is no electricity there on the way, just in case you guys finish late and it’s good for your spelunking adventure.

I did a lot of research before agreeing to Ivan. I suggest to at least be ready for some muddy (60 degrees – 90 degrees) assaults.

Some helpful info of Mt. Daraitan:
Category: Day hike Club
Location: Tanay, Rizal
Elevation: 719 masl
Trail Difficulty: 4 / 10
Over All Difficulty: 4 / 10
For Intermediate
(source: trailadeventures.com)

If you see this, then you're near Mt. Daraitan
When you see this, then you’re near Mt. Daraitan

We arrived there at around 8:00AM-8:20AM (I wasn’t able to sleep, since the road was rough), we’re lucky that our van was able to cross Tinipak River to the Barangay Hall. Though it would have been cool to experience riding the boat across the river. I hope you do try it though, if you’re planning to do a DIY day hike there. It’s cheap Php 5.00 (0.11 USD)

Start Point: After 4 hours of travel, we got there at 8:20AM and it was drizzling. Too much for my first legit hike. Drizzling means moist, moisture means mud and mud means slippery trails. My sandals are not so good for those slippery bits of nature.

Our First Glimpse of Mt. Daraitan
Our First Glimpse of Mt. Daraitan

As you can see, Mt. Daraitan is quite popular. Be sure to go earlier than the usual, because they do control the number of hikers on the mountain. I think they only allow people at the summit until 4:00 PM. It’s gonna be a long hike ahead, I would urge you to answer the call of nature, before starting.

This line is for using the Restroom!
This line is for using the Restroom!

I wasn’t expecting any Jollibee fastfood restaurant somewhere in the forest so, we have to get our light lunch with us up on the mountain. We chose 4 hard boiled eggs, I’m not sure if it’s recommended, but you could always have the canned paella (rice mixed with tuna); which is really handy.

That's me trying to figure out what'll be our lunch.
That’s me trying to figure out what’ll be our lunch.

Talking to one of the locals/tour guides while I continuously slide on the muddy trail. He said that it was raining on and off for the past few week. It was so bad that a few expert mountaineers gave up going to the summit at the middle of their climb. I tell you now, choose summer time when you go here. I’m thinking it will be in perfect condition during the summer time.

Near the first station of our hike
Near the first station of our hike

Be ready to get dirty! With this muddy trails.
Be ready to get dirty! With this muddy trails.

To be honest I was cursing Ivan continuously, whenever we have a steep assault to conquer. Knowing Ivan he likes torturing me. I’ll give you an advice, go first so that you’ll be able to rest longer than the people being left behind. Take photos! The forest is exquisite and dense, that you don’t have to put on sunblock, for the trees there will guard you from the sun’s UV rays.

We're first amongst our group! Woohoo
We’re first among our group!

Last Camp Site before getting to the Summit
Last Camp Site before getting to the Summit

What’s more rewarding than to see the sign that you’ve reached the top of the mountain. There are lots of people during weekends at Mount Daraitan, they only allow a certain number of person at the summit where the “Rockies” are.

The to the summit

I have fear of heights so I was very scared to take photos on the “Rockies” or the rock formation on the summit. So I just took photos of people on the “Rockies”.

Me at the highest peak in Mt. DaraitanMy view at the highest peak in Mt. Daraitan

At the summit! It's Tinipak River!
At the summit! There’s Tinipak River!

Going down is crazier than going up, there will be a lot of sliding down. I mean mud is all over me before reaching Tinipak River. But after that it’ll be fine since Tinipak River will be your savior!

Seeing the river for the first time.... I'm so ready to plunge in already.
Seeing the river for the first time…. I’m so ready to plunge in already.

Tinipak River

Spring water where you could drink, I think, well some people do
Spring water where you could drink, I think, well some people do

Camp site beside Tinipak River
Camp site beside Tinipak River

On the way to Tinipak Cave
On the way to Tinipak Cave

It’s an instagramer’s Paradise!

Closer look on Tinipak River

rushing river flow tinipak river

After that tiring climb. Hearing the sound of rushing river would somehow calm you.

This is pretty much the only store here.
Eat then pay later.

I had a full meal for only Php 60.00 (Bopis and Rice) + our remaining hard boiled egg.

Here is our Itinerary:
0300 Meet up at Greenfield District Mandaluyong
0400 ETD to Tanay
0730 ETA Barangay Hall; Register and secure guides
0830 Start trek up Mt. Daraitan
1230 ETA summit. Explore the viewpoints / Lunch
1300 Start descent to Tinipak River
1600 Arrival at Tinipak River. Explore the area
1730 Proceed to Brgy. Daritan via riverside trail
2100 Head back to manila

Costs of Mt. Daraitan Tour:

For Do-It-Yourself (Group of 5):

Tanay FX/Jeep (Terminal is near Starmall EDSA) – Php 70.00/Php 53.00 (1.51 USD/1.14 USD)
Tricycle (Tanay to Daraitan) – Php 100.00 pax (2.16 USD)
Boat crossing the river – Php 5.00 (0.11 USD)
Environmental Fee – Php 20.00 (0.43 USD)
Tour Guide 1 per group of 10 – Php 500.00 (10.79 USD)
Tricycle going back to Brgy Hall (optional) – Php 15.00 (0.32 USD)
Boat crossing the river – Php 5.00 (0.11 USD)
Tricycle (Tanay to Daraitan) – Php 120.00 (2.59 USD)
Tanay FX/Jeep (Terminal is near Starmall EDSA) – Php 70.00/Php 53.00 (1.51 USD/1.14 USD)
Total: Php 525.00~ (11.33~ USD) approximately

For Joining the Tour:

Tour fee – Php 850.00 (18.34 USD)
Tricycle going back to Brgy Hall (optional) – Php 15.00 pax (0.32 USD)
Total:Php 865.00~ (18.66~ USD) approximately

Resource for Commuting : FX and Tricycle


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