The Cozy “Canto” Restaurant

Location: Arellano St., Baguio
Cost: Php 500-700 (Group of 2)
Breakfast: 7:00AM – 11:00AM
Accepts Reservations

Maybe you’ve heard of Canto from Ketchup Community at Wright Park in Baguio. But have you been to Canto in Arellano Street? We were lucky because a local, pointed us to the original location of Canto Restaurant.

How to get there?

From Burnham Park
Ride a Jeepney to Mines view —- Php 8.50
Stop at C Arellano Street along Gibraltar Rd. (landmarks: Waiting Shed, C Botique Hotel, “WELCOME TO Purok 6” a sign of “Canto ->”)
Walk to Along C. Arellano Street and you’ll see their sign

Map to Canto Restaurant

My advice is to get a taxi instead, the rate starts at Php 35.00, we got Php 79.00 from there to out Hotel in Magsaysay (Hotel Supreme Convention). I have been to Baguio a lot, but still I get lost. So when you’re not sure how to get to somewhere, always get a cab/taxi. There are GrabTaxis available there also, but it is more expensive so I wouldn’t recommend it.

The landmark you’ll need to find, the sign that you need to stop the Jeepney or Taxi. The restaurant looks like a simple house with a lot of cars.

The landmark you'll need to find, the sign that you need to stop the Jeepney or Taxi. C Botique It looks like a simple house with a lot of cars.

This magical sign made us hungry after 2 hours of getting lost looking for this *heart heart* restaurant.
Sign at the Entrance of Canto Restaurant

Yes there’s a fireplace inside the restaurant where you could sit down while waiting for a table to become available.
inside the restaurant

That time the restaurant was crowded and there was no table available, since everyone had there reservations. So we waited for quite a while, but it was worth it since they let us dine inside their private room. The attendants were very kind and considerate. They asked us if it’s okay for us to stay inside the room isolated from the crowd. We repeatedly said yes, it was really quite a good accommodation for us 4.

The restaurant has this “homely” feeling of nostalgia. I felt like most of the guests are families having their reunion or just a good old bonding. My friend told me she felt like putting out a mattress and just sleep at the room.

Our Private Dining Room
Canto: Private room
it's like grandma's house
I love this place

Okay, so far I have been praising the ambiance of the restaurant.

What about the food?

The food is exquisite! We ordered Pochero, Grilled BBQ ribs, Dessert Nachos and a strawberry slush. I think pizza is very popular also in this restaurant, because at around 10:00PM all pizza dishes are sold out. One food order is good for 3-4 persons. Strawberry slush came first and it’s perfect! It’s fresh, it tasted fresh for sure. It’s not very sweet, but it won’t help you get through the cold nights in Baguio. Who cares right? Their Pochero is not that creamy unlike what my dad usually cooks for us during Sunday, but it’s still very tasty. I think they slowly cooked it for a long period of time, since the vegetables are all soft, but not overcooked. Grilled BBQ Ribs are to die for! I don’t like eating red meats usually, because I don’t like eating stubborn meats. There grilled ribs is very soft and their homemade sauce has a unique taste, that will make a non red meat eater to like it once tried. There is a salad that goes together with it, composed of iceberg lettuce, peanut brittle, cheese, cucumber, strawberries and topped by alfalfa sprouts. You get to choose a side dish for your BBQ also. You can choose from rice or mashed potatoes. I’m not a fan of mashed potatoes, but my friends told me that it’s very good also. For dessert, we ordered Dessert Nachos out of curiosity and we didn’t regret it. Again it’s a unique dessert; vanilla ice cream with baked wanton wrappers with cinnamon on sides, drizzled with peanut brittle, sliced strawberries and chocolate syrup.

Grilled BBQ Ribs – Php 400.00 (3-4 persons)
Canto: Grilled BBQ Ribs

Pochero – Php 350.00 (3-4 persons)
Canto: Pochero

Dessert Nachos – Php 170.00 (3-4 persons)
Canto: Dessert Nachos

Strawberry Slush – Php 100.00 per order
Canto: Strawberry Slush

All in all it was a good experience going and eating there at Canto. It’s definitely in my list of favorite restaurant in Baguio. I’m going back here that’s for sure.

Have you been to Canto also? Share your experiences with us at the comment section of this blog.


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