Cafe by the Ruins Dua

Location: Upper Session Rd, Baguio, Benguet
Phone: (074) 442 4010
Cost: Php 400.00 per head

Cafe by the Ruins dua

After a long ride to Baguio, we took our brunch in Cafe by the Ruins dua. Dua means “2” in Ilocano which is the dialect use there in Baguio. Why “dua”? Cause it’s the second branch, there’s another one at Shuntug Rd, also in Baguio. I would say that this is quite an expensive one, but the food is surprisingly in big servings.

We arrived at Baguio and we’re so hungry, we could eat a whole house. So in my itinerary we were supposed to go to Cafe in the Sky, but it was closed for some environmental reasons. Now that my itinerary is ruined, we went to a place that has almost the same name. “Cafe by the Ruins.” We’re using waze so, the cafe he pointed us was Cafe by the Ruins Dua. The place is smaller than the one at Shuntug rd., but very lovely. It is actually very Filipino, I think the place was an old ancestral house in Baguio that was renovated to become a restaurant. Across the street is the Baguio School of Arts, you’ll see students during weekdays outside the window. They sell souvenirs at the entrance of their restaurant and also both Ilocano and Benguet delicacies also like longganissa (local sausage) which is really delicious. I’m not really a fan of sweet sausages from Pampangga, well I’m part Ilocana so don’t judge. You may choose to seat at the first floor where where you’ll see the crew preparing the orders, or upstairs (you may see the crew still) where you’ll see the house’s nice architecture and artworks hanging on walls.

Going upstairs

The crew preparing the orders
see the crew preparing meals

Nice spaces to reflect and eat quietly, I wouldn’t mind dining by myself.
nice spaces to reflect and eat quietly

Fragile pages of the menu, I’m addicted to it’s smell
the menu looks antique

fragile pages, I'm addicted to its smell

Fresh flowers at the table everyday
fresh flowers at the table everyday

We have quite an appetite when we got there, that’s why we ordered rice meals. We ordered the Best Sellers from the menu, Sagada rice, Longganissa and Spicy Boneless Bangus. The meals are accompanied with mixed fruits and a choice of tea/coffee, though I ordered Mango juice instead since I plan on sleeping after that long ride we had. Zoren ordered Sagada Rice, it is a mixture of rice with veggies with a bit of meat together with spring rolls, scrambled eggs and some water crest and alfalfa sprouts for garnishing. Longganissa is what Rio and Bel had ordered and both of them are in awe when they saw how big the Longganissa is. They both planned to order another set of rice, but mountain rice is actually heavy. They were satisfied eating only a serving. Their longganissa is really something to look forward to, I’ve never had that kind of longganissa that doesn’t have too much fat, unlike the one being sold in the market. And the last but not the least is my order, Spicy Boneless Bangus, if you’ll read my blog, I have an unwavering love for spicy food. So whenever I see the word “Spicy” on the menu, I’ll have my eyes on it already. So this meal is something I don’t really order since I don’t eat fish when I’m not at home; and I didn’t regret it. The fish is a bit crunchy with a kick of peppers rubbed on top. The garnishing is as good as the food, that’s for sure!

Sagada rice – Php 200.00+
Cafe by the Ruins: Sagada Rice

Longganissa – Php 300.00+
Cafe by the Ruins Dua: Longganissa

Spicy Boneless Bangus – Php 300.00+
Cafe by the Ruins Dua: Spicy Boneless Bangus

I would recommend this restaurant for foodies, but if you’re in a tight budget traveling, you might want to check out our other entries about having a food trip in Baguio on a Budget.

How to get there:
It’s a 1.1 Km walk from SM Baguio.

From Burnham Park:
Ride a Jeepney to Mines view Park
Stop at Panagbenga Park
Walk a little bit to get to the Cafe
So have you been here? Share your experiences with us at the comment section of this blog.

Sagada Rice photo by Zoren at Instagram


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