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BrokeTravelers.com is a blog site of Danica and Ivan who are avid fans of food and traveling. Danica and Ivan are regular working I.T. professionals with limited time and budget. They became friends when they worked in a private company in the Philippines. That’s when and where the idea of having a website has started from scratch. They both share the love for food and travel and one of their dreams is to travel the world. European countries is on top of their bucket list. This blog aims to show you how to have your most affordable yet best travel experience.

Their motto? TRAVEL, EAT, ENJOY and BLOG.

Mt. batulao

Danica, grew up at the southern part of Metro Manila. Loves anything artsy and logical. Works as a Quality Assurance Engineer on an I.T. company and a part time blogger/traveler. She has been planning her retirement all her life. Sitting on a couch watching travel channels for 4 years, she waited, while stopping herself to spend money on useless things, until she accumulate enough money to travel Europe, but still failed to do so. Realizing that she is making the biggest mistake of her life, she decided to make this blog with her friend Ivan and travel the world. She wanted people to realize that traveling does not need to be costly at all. She loves culture! Culture is the main reason why she travels, that’s why she likes socializing with the locals more and expanding her knowledge on their way of life. She likes her Pasta bolognese sauce made from scratch. She prefers European cuisine. She knows how to cook Italian and French cuisine and so is baking European pastries. Knows how to speak French and a bit of Japanese.

Mt. batulao
Ivan, that's how most of his friends call him (Van for some of his relatives and closest friends). He started taking traveling seriously last 2014. Although, he had been into different places in the Philippines before that year, 2014 was the year that he realized how much he love and wanted to travel the whole Philippines. He particularly liked hiking at first but as time goes by, he discovered that there are plenty of other things to do in the Philippines. He tried going to museums, visiting historical ruins/architectures, participating in various festivals, marathons, road trip, backpacking, island hopping and exploring the beautiful beaches of the country. Ivan is fond of reading about Monarch history and his favorite subject is the life of Kings and Queens and particularly like England's Tudor family line history. That's one of the reasons why he dreams of going to United Kingdom. He is not picky when it comes to food but for some reason he doesn’t like PIZZAS! He is probably the only person in the world who doesn't like pizza (haha). Fried chicken, pasta and Filipino dishes are his favorites and oh, Cheesecake and Milk-tea.


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