5 things to see/do in National Museum

Address: P. Burgos Drive, Rizal Park, Manila
Schedule: Tuesdays-Sundays, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

national museum broke travelers budget

National museum extended their Free admission all throughout the month of June. So in celebration of our country’s 118th Independence Day (June 12) and our national hero Dr. José Rizal 155th birthday (June 19), we the broke travelers, revisited history by spending a day in the National Museum.

Budget: Less than Php200.00 or just 4.00 USD

Entrance Fees:
Student: Php 50.00
Senior Citizen: Php 120.00
Adult: Php 150.00

Groups of 51 or more
Students: Php 40.00
Adult/Senior Citizen: Php 120.00

GOOD NEWS!!!: (Effective July 1,2016)

The admissions in National Museum is now for FREE!

How to get there?

From Makati:
(Ayala Ave.) Hop into a Bus with a sign board [Leveriza, Baclaran]
(Gil Puyat Ave.) Get into a Jeep with a sign board [Libertad or LRT]

From LRT Gil Puyat Station:
Ride either an LRT or jeepney along Taft Avenue and get down at United Nations Station or Luneta/Rizal Park.

There are 3 sections of the National Museum:
NM of Fine Arts
NM of Anthropology
NM Planetarium (except for the Planetarium which is closed on Sundays).

I would recommend you to go as early as 10:00AM at a weekday or Saturday, so that you’ll be able to see all the Galleries.

I’m sure as kids we were sent here for field trips, it feels so distant isn’t it? So since it’s June the month of our independence, let me take you back there and see what our Museum has installed for us. Anyway this is way better than staying inside your houses during these rainy days, right?

So these are the 5 things to see/do in National Museum

1. Spoliarium by Juan Luna

broke travelers national museum spoliarium

This painting of Juan Luna would welcome you upon entrance to National Museum of Fine Arts. It won first gold prize in the prestigious Exposición Nacional de Bellas Artes in Madrid (1884). It’s hard to take a solo photo of this since a lot of people do love taking photos with it.

2. Learn to write your name using our “Baybayin”

broke travelers national museum alibata

It’s so nice to learn to write your name using our own “Baybayin”, it’s actually cool.

how to write your name in alibata

This is how I write mine though, since there is no “ca” in our baybayin so it’s “ka” instead.

3. Learn our historical Fashion Culture

national museum broke travelers weave

Weaving abaca, pineapple or cotton fibers is part of “Artes de las Filipinas”. If you were lucky to see the demonstration of weaving in the museum, you’ll be able to learn it from the Masters itself.

threads of fibers broke travelers national museum

traditional clothing broke travelers national museum

4. Make “Hugot/Emo” quotes at the Museum

A bit of fun from all these women quotes by Ivan! I never thought he was into this *face palm*

hugot quotes in national museum broke travelers

Translates to:
Original quote: “Why am I included?”
Emo Quote: “You should be thankful you got included, I was left alone.”

hugot quotes in national museum broke travelers

5. Pretend to be an Archaeologist

jars artifacts broke travelers national museum

The museum is full of interesting artifacts that was recovered from sites like Palawan, Bolinao and Mindoro. Things like burial jars, which is probably a bit eerie since the cover top of the jar is sculpted in the figure of the dead person’s face.

Poetry inscribed on a bamboo tube broke travelers national museum

There are more to see! I couldn’t put everything you will see there or else you’ll be reading a very long post. I hope giving you 5 of them would tickle your interest of going there. Spend the whole day and take your time there, you won’t regret it.


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