10 Things to do in GUIMARAS!

Okay, something positive happened within the first quarter of the year 2017. I went to the Mango Capital of the Philippines, but unfortunately the Mangoes were not in season. I know it is sad, but hey! Guimaras is not all about mangoes. It’s more than just eating Mangoes!

Guimaras Capitol Broke budget Travel

So here are the top 10 things to do in Guimaras.

1. Splash around at Alubijod Beach

Alubijod beach is one of the most popular beaches in Guimaras. It is where the famous Raymen’s Beach resort is Located. But since we’re hipsters/broke travelers, we’re 3 in our group, we decided to look for another option. We went to a new resort called California Beach Resort. It’s next to Raymen’s Beach Resort. The rooms are sooooooooooo NICE! People there were nice as well. For more info about the said resort go to their website (http://www.californiacoralbeachresort.com/)

alobijod beach guimaras budget broke travelers cheap
Nice white sand of Alubijod Beach

alobijod beach guimaras budget broke travelers cheap
California Beach Resort

2. Eat Freshly Caught Fish from Panay Gulf
Fisher men sell their freshly caught fishes at the shore of Alubijod, so might as well grab the opportunity to buy those fish and grill it. We are lucky cause the staff at the resort helped us buy (so it was not overpriced) and cook our fish. We got like around 3 kg for Php 400.00 and that was good for 3 meals hahahah!

fish broke travelers budget guimaras panay gulf fresh

3. Visit SEAFDEC and bond with sea turtles and fishes
SEAFDEC or South East Asian Development Center, where they do researches on fishes such as Grouper (Lapu-Lapu), Milkfish (Bangus) and red snapper (Maya maya). There, you could see big milkfishes (very yummy looking) and you can feed them. I enjoyed it to be honest. There are sea turtles too on their care.

Entrance fee: 35php

fish guimaras seafdec broke travelers budget cheap

pawikan sea turtles budget cheap island hopping guimaras broke travelers

4. Go to Natago Beach
Natago beach resort, natago means (hidden) is a nice white sandy beach where lived a gay couple. Sadly both of them died and were buried at their resthouse’s altar.

Entrance fee: 50php

Natago beach guimaras budget island hopping cheap broke travelers

natago beach guimaras budget island hopping cheak broke travelers

5. Buy some Delicious delicacies from Trappist
Of course Trappist Abbey is something you shouldn’t forget when you are in Guimaras. Their mango bars is a must try! Since you’re there already, might as well visit their Chapel and donate.

trappist guimaras delicacies mango cheap broke travelers

6. Try the Mango Pizza at Pitstop
I thought I wouldn’t like Mango pizza at the Pitstop, but it’s amazingly good! You should try it too!

Pizza Price range = 200-440 php

mango pizza at pitstop budget cheap broke travelers guimaras
Photo by Ash (Phone: Lolly)

7. Enjoy Guisi Beach
Just before you go into Guisi Lighthouse, you can drop by the Guisi Beach. There is a bamboo walkway beside the rock formation, just remember to be careful since the bamboo walkway looks old already. Beach is very secluded, we weren’t able to see other tourists that time.

Entrance Fee: FREE!!

guisi beach budget broke travelers cheap guimaras

guisi beach budget cheap guimaras broke travelers guimaras

8. Visit Guisi Lighthouse!
And of course the very famous Guisi Lighthouse. You can take epic selfies here! Instagram worthy indeed.

Entrance fee: 20php

Guisi lighthouse guimaras broke travelers budget cheap

Guisi lighthouse guimaras broke travelers budget cheap

9. Test your courage on JBLFMU’s Mangrove Bamboo Walkway
Ah! This bamboo walkway is a good idea to test your courage together with your friends. It may look safe in the photos, but the moment you take your first step you’ll know what I mean. The bamboo bridge is swaying and making noises that scared us.

Entrance fee: 50php

Mangrove Bamboo walkway JBLFMU cheap budget broke traveler guimaras

Mangrove Bamboo walkway JBLFMU cheap budget broke traveler guimaras

10. Mini Spelunking at Buho Ramirez Cave
This is a usual part of the island hopping tour in Nueva valencia together with Natago Beach. Another test of courage! The Island hopping tour rate in Guimaras starts at 500php and then additional 150php per hour

This is FREE!!!

mini spelunking buho ramirez guimaras cheap budget broke travelers
Photo by Lolly

There are other things that you can do there (of course the Mango hoarding, during mango festival). I would definitely go back there for the Manggahan Festival.

Have you been to Guimaras? Please share your experiences by hitting us up some comments.

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